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Frequently Asked Questions

LawFX is a division of Industrial3D, specializing in creating scientifically accurate legal animations and litigation graphics. They provide visual aids like motion graphics and 3D simulations for legal proceedings, including trials, mediations, and appellate proceedings.

LawFX offers a range of services including forensic animations, trial graphics, accident reconstruction, industrial case animations, medical malpractice media, work injury cases, oil & gas legal animations, and more.

LawFX’s services help legal professionals by providing clear, visual representations of complex legal scenarios, enhancing comprehension for juries and judges, and aiding in presenting cases more effectively.

Yes, LawFX offers medical malpractice media services, where they create animations to decode medical complexities for legal clarity.

Yes, LawFX provides specialized animations for oil and gas incidents, environmental breaches, and work-related injuries, drawing on their expertise in this sector.

LawFX focuses on creating scientifically accurate and detailed animations. However, the admissibility of animations in court depends on the specific legal standards and requirements of the jurisdiction.


LawFX employs a team of experts who use the latest technology to craft meticulous and scientifically accurate visual aids, ensuring every nuance of a case is accurately represented.

Types of Legal Graphic Services
  • Oil & Gas Legal Animations
  • Medical Malpractice Media
  • Forensic Animations
  • Collision & Personal Injury Animation
  • Pre-Trial & Trial Graphics
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Courtroom Illustrations
  • Patent Design