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About LawFX

LawFX, a division of Industrial3D, is a partnership of graphics technology and trial practice. Founded by Beau Brown, a nationally recognized graphics expert, and Paul DeMuro an accomplished trial lawyer, LawFX is uniquely positioned to deliver effective litigation graphics and animation services, with real-time support for trial lawyers in the heat of battle.

Who We Are
Meet Our Staff

Beau Brown, CEO

The United States Marine Corp taught Beau adaptability, resourcefulness, and persistence. In 1995, after leaving the Corp, Beau began creating 3D animations in his spare time while working for a major drilling contractor. As Beau’s talents attracted more clients, in and outside of the oil and gas industry, he devoted himself full time to animation, simulations and graphics services. In 2005, Beau founded Industrial3D, an animation and graphic design studio. Industrial3D has since provided services for a wide range of companies, lawyers, and other clients. Beau’s work on the Deepwater Horizon blowout in 2015 was featured on CNN and other news outlets.

Paul DeMuro

Paul DeMuro has been a practicing trial lawyer for 25 years. After graduating Princeton in 1997, Paul struck out west, landing in San Francisco. After working for a non-profit in the San Francisco County Jail, Paul developed a passion for the law. Graduating law school at the top of his class, Paul quickly developed a reputation for passionate and successful trial work. Paul has tried a wide range of cases all over the country. Paul has deep experience handing big-document and ESI cases. He understands the challenges of synthesizing complex data into relatable images and the need for rapid adaptability in pre-trial and trial presentations. Paul has developed a trial philosophy around the idea that: “If the jury can’t see, they won’t learn it. If they don’t learn it, they can’t help you.”

A partnership is born.   Beau and Paul met in 2018, when Paul asked Beau to design a drilling simulation for a fast-approaching trial.  Beau’s team at Industrial3D developed a high-end animation in less than a week, which became the centerpiece of a 7-day jury trial resulting in a multi-million dollar verdict. Beau and Paul realized that, if they combined their talents, they could provide a powerful service to lawyers who need efficient and effective graphics support from people who’ve actually been there.  LawFx was born.

Steven Pierce, COO, MS BFA

For the last 15 years STEVEN PIERCE has been a driving force in digital and interactive media. With six patents for data visualization and a career that has spanned multiple industries, from AAA Gaming, Movies, Oil and Gas, Education and Medical. He is excited bring that knowledge to LawFX to help our clients tell the most compelling narrative for their individual and clients’ needs.

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