Visually Explain Your Court Case

Services We Provide

At LawFX, a division of Industrial3D, our trial-lawyer background means we know what you need, and when you need it.  We are experts in animations, simulations, and graphics, including all types of demonstrative exhibits.  We know how to convert voluminous ESI, including cell phone data, into relatable, impactful exhibits.

We offer real-time support in which our graphics team is on-call to your legal team during litigation events, including hearings and trial, to make on-the-fly adjustments to your graphic exhibits to meet changing evidentiary rulings and “facts on the ground.”

Here are examples of our work:

  • Text messages demonstrative exhibits
  • Oil & Gas Legal Animations
  • Medical Animations & Illustrations
  • Forensic Animations
  • Collision & Personal Injury Animation
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Pre-Trial & Trial Graphics
  • Courtroom Illustrations
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Patent Design

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