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LawFX is a subsidiary of Industrial3D Inc.  Industrial3D is an animation and graphic design studio owned by Beau Brown. Beau began creating 3D animations in his spare time while working for a major drilling contractor in the Oil & Gas industry in 1995.  With technical skills in computer aided drafting and an attitude of resourcefulness and persistence from his time in the U.S. Marine Corp., Beau pursued a technology that very few individuals even knew existed – and even fewer anticipated the future success of.

What began as a hobby, animating common processes and equipment associated with Oil and Gas production and transmission, became Beau’s full-time job when his animations caught the attention of his (full-time, regular) corporate manager.  This opportunity to focus on animation professionally allowed Beau to fine-tune his talent and expand his aptitude into industries outside of Oil and Gas, to include animations for training using simulation video game projects that train employees on safety and operations. With Industrial3D's expanding services, LawFX was born to bring clarity to court cases, improve understanding for judges & jurors and strengthen cases for law firms.

Since 2002, Beau has pushed the technology and training envelope with industrial animation and graphics for every industry imaginable. LawFX is the result of years of experience in providing animation and graphic solutions for clarity and marketing.

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